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Correlsense offers SharePath, a breakthrough in IT Reliabilityô that enables both a birdís-eye and a detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. SharePath automatically detects and traces each entire transaction path, from a click in the browser through all hops across data center tiers. With the ability to record and correlate individual transaction activations across both physical and virtual components, IT gains full visibility of the transaction metrics required to ensure IT Reliabilityô for packaged and homegrown applications.


VibeSec Ltd. is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for enterprise Unified Communications Security and Fraud Prevention. Our solutions secure enterprise IP Telephony and UC systems, prevent major financial damages due to hacking attacks and toll fraud, protect privacy of customer communications and intellectual property, and enable compliance with regulations and best corporate governance practices.


Genieo was founded in 2008. Genieo Innovation is the creator of a multi platform generic personalization framework for PC, mobile device, Internet, TV and others. Based on proprietary algorithms which extract user behavior, interests and preferences, Genieoís core creates a unified personal profile, which can be used to render customized services to individual users. Genieo Innovationís first product, naturally named Genieo, is a desktop application which employs Genieo Innovationís framework as a mean to create a dynamic personal content portal (a Homepage). The profile created by the framework is used to automatically generate a set of micro topics based on the userís interests, by which to retrieve and filter relevant content from the web, and display it on the userís personal Homepage.

LeadSpace (Formerly Data Essence)

Data Essence plans to build a complete environment for finding information on the Web, saving it, and sharing it with others, all based on looking at the users requests at the semantic level (rather than the syntax level), and organizing the information in that way.


Attunity provides software that connects people and information together. A leading enterprise software supplier, it provides application integration, data integration, and solutions in the new and fast growing workplace applications market. Using this software, companies can seamlessly and efficiently connect, transfer and join to and from virtually any data source in real-time, and subsequently use that data to rapidly configure and deploy management-focused workplace applications.

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