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PerfAction™ is a growing venture-backed developer of novel non-surgical skin solutions that develops, manufactures and markets the Airgent™ skin remodeling and rejuvenation solution. The company’s products are based on its patented BiAction™ technology, for the introduction and lateral dispersion of a skin-enhancing agent that mechanically augment collagen regeneration. The Airgent™ solution represents a technological breakthrough – with its unique non-laser, non-chemical solution to reverse the effects of aging in a cost-effective, convenient office-based procedure suitable for all skin types. PerfAction™ maintains headquarters in Israel.


EarlySense was Founded in 2004, EarlySense is the developer of a pioneering signal-processing technology designed to advance proactive healthcare and enable better patient outcomes. The company’s lead product, EverOn™, supports timely and cost effective patient supervision and intervention by medical professionals and rapid response teams. Through the continuous supervision of a patient, EverOn displays and reports real time vital signs and corresponding trend-lines. The technology is quickly helping to set a new standard of care as well as creating a new dimension for improving the emerging practice of medical rapid response. The experienced team of EarlySense is advised by a first-class scientific advisory board and industry–respected consultants. EarlySense maintains an R&D facility in Israel and marketing offices in Boston, Massachusetts.

Argo Medical Technologies, Ltd.

Argo Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and markets walk restoration devices for people with lower limb disabilities. The company's flagship ReWalk™ product offers an ambulation alternative to wheelchair users, enabling paralyzed people to stand, walk and even climb stairs. Founded in 2001 and located in Haifa's MATAM hi-tech industrial park, Argo operated, until end of 2007, under the auspices of the TechnionSeed (formerly the Technion Incubator), part of the Technion - Israel's renowned Institute of Technology, and the birthplace of some of the world's most innovative technologies. Operated by a team of experts in the field of locomotion impairment with decades of combined experience in R&D, engineering and manufacturing of multidisciplinary systems, Argo also boasts staff with extensive experience in worldwide marketing, sales and business development. The company is assisted by an Advisory Board of renowned international experts in the fields of medicine, biomedical engineering, robotics and marketing.


This a biotechnology company developing a unique therapy for atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common cardiac arrhythmia, which affects millions of people worldwide. Conventional therapy for AF is based on medications with significant side effects. GeneGrafts is developing a transkaryotic approach using autologous (extracted from the patient) genetically modified cells that are delivered to the patient’s heart by catheterization. The treatment is localized and involves a single procedure.

Spine 21

Remote controlled Spinal Implant The Bionic Spacer is a sophisticated spinal implant for the treatment of leg and lower-back pain. The system will be the first in market having cutting adge capabilities of real Hi-Technologies that would enable a remote-controll adjustment of the implant size, post-operatively, according to the patient's feedback. The estimated global market for Inter-Spinous Process spacers is $2 billion.

Regentis Biomaterials, Ltd.

Regentis Biomaterials, Ltd.is a medical material development company that is focused on commercializing its patent-applied Gelrin Platform Technology for bone, spine, and cartilage repair. The Gelrin technology is based on a biosynthetic hybrid hydrogel comprised of a biological backbone and synthetic cross-links. The biological domains in the material give Gelrin excellent healing properties, while the synthetic cross-links provide the material superior physical characteristics. The biodegradation of Gelrin is fully controllable and enables precise regulation over the ingrowth kinetics and healing properties. The ability to form Gelrin in-situ, at the site of the defect, provides the possibility of using it with minimally invasive surgical procedures. While other materials degrade rapidly or leach out of the injury site prematurely, Gelrin remains anchored during the entire healing process.

Medic Vision Ltd

Founded in 2005, Medic Vision Ltd. aims to provide superior standard, of care; streamlining diagnosis of brain pathologies. The company is the first to offer an automated diagnosis system of brain CT images, significantly enhancing radiologists' productivity, by allowing them to prioritize tests and focus on suspicious image slices. The system's unique design is based on advanced image processing and machine-learning features. As the system will be integrated in radiologists' workstations, all work stations will benefit from MedicVision novel system.

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